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JHB all electric blow molding machines:

  EBMC - serie

  • Clamping force 40-500 kN

  • Multicavity moulding

  • Monolayer - ca 25 kWh/kg extruded material

  • Co-Extrusion 2-7 layers - ca 28 kWh/kg 

  • High efficiency

  • Online diagnostic

  • Applications - From eyedrop bottles up to -50 l  for household, personal care, food, pharmacy, industrial jerry cans and technical items made of HDPE, PP, LDPE

  • CE safety standard certificate

Energy saving


ENERGY SAVING is not only the huge advantage of lower production costs, but also  the cleaner working, reliable system and low noise operation.


It is a pleasure for all, from operator till user of the product!

JHB EBMC serie of all electric drive blow molding machines grant low energy consumption with advantage of 40% cost saving comparing to conventional, hydraulic machines.


The Motors run only when power is needed with the speed  [Say energy] needed for each step in the process on this energy saving molding machine.


Particularly power consumption for retaining clamping force is substantially reduced because the electricity is needed only to maintain the horizontal position of the link mechanism.



No hydraulic pumps, no oil leakage and fumes.


JHB all electric machines make blow molding factories clean and quiet. This provides tangible benefits to both the environment, employees of production process and technicians.



Thanks to using only electric and pneumatic parts JHB EBMC machines do not need any oil and filters change. No lubrication is required.



Jih Huang's own control systems are incorporated such as constant cycle time control. Automatic cutting position setup, and parison length control. Also, the software has various functions: displaying natures of troubles and alarm history, and monitoring product data. Those functions make the machine easier to operate and eliminate the need for skilled technicians to operate the machine. 



JHB all electric machines are 7/24 connected to the internet access. Regardless your location Online diagnostic makes the reaction time shorter and this option let any issue be fixed immediately to help achieving the productivity optimization.

For more information send inquiry now. We will contact you soon. 

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Shortened cycle time and the reduced defective product rate are also taken into consideration. Thanks to installing a servomotor for each motion ensures positioning accuracy within 0,02 mm and stabilization of motion speed. Constant cycle time control maximizes recurrence of product weight. Stable molding of high quality products is enabled by unique mechanisms such as, parting line misalignment prevention mechanism which reduces the defective product rate, automatic adjustment of the mouth cutting positions when molding multiple parisons, and calibrating force equalizing mechanism which eliminates the time for adjustment calibrators  height and reduces the time spent for changing molds. 



JHB All electric machines may be equipped up to 7 layers extruders


The multi-layered containers have following advantages:  


•To prevent weight loss of the packed product.


•Regrind recycled material can be used.


•Minimize migration of odors from packaging containers.


•Weight saving than the conventional packaging method.


•Protect against the effects of residual printing solvents in food packaging.


•Allow design flexibility on plastic fuel tanks with increased safety.


•Plastic fuel tanks can be molded into the complex shapes through the blow mold process.


PE/PP - virgin material; REG - recycle material; AD - adhesion layer; EVOH - barrier

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